Download Viber Free Calling and Text

Viber - Free Phone Calls

Viber is the most popular VOIP calling software for smart phones , Android , iPhone , Blackberry ,Windows Phone and Bada Devices .

the main features of Viber includes :

-Free Calling From any Viber Device to Any Viber Device For free

-Instant Messaging from any Viber phone to any Viber for free also

– Sharing photos , Videos and Files

-No Ads inside Viber VOIP , so no Ad-ware or Viruses may enter your device

-Support of the PC , you can install Viber on your computer now , but it should be activated using your phone .

-Viber VOIP is unlimited , so you can use any time , any where ,just turn on your internet connection .

– Video Calls has been added to Viber.

Viber VOIP is available for most smart phone and PC:

– Viber For Computer:


Download Viber For Windows

Download Viber For Mac OS 10.7 and later

Download Viber For Linux (Ubuntu, Mint and Zorin OS)

Viber For Android :


Download Viber For Android 2.2 or later , Android Tablet and Smart Phones

– Viber for iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch:


Download Viber For IOS 5.0 or later  Devices (iPhone ,iPad and iPod)

– Viber For Windows Phone Devices:


Download Viber For Windows Phone Devices (Windows Phone 7.5 and 8)

-Viber For BlackBerry Devices:


Download Viber For BlackBerry Devices (Blackberry 10 OS Devices Not Supported)

-Viber For Bada:


Download Viber For Samsung Wave M (No Free Calling)

Download Viber For Samsung Wave 3 (No Free Calling)

Finally , not that Viber uses the internet access either (3G,4G or Wi-Fi)

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